Giving Back

Philanthropy is an important part of the HCA mission

Privilege 2 Serve

Privilege to Serve is a non profit helping orphans and vulnerable children in developing nations to reach their full potential through the empowerment of the children, their caretakers, and the local grassroots community organizations that support them. Our schools offer a clean and safe environment, playgrounds for students, hand-washing stations, and resources for rich classrooms.

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Message from Board of Trustee, Dr. Amin Mery

Working in healthcare all these years I have witnessed the ravages of human suffering and the beauty that can blossom when one gives to others. I have taken care of indigent populations and recognized that through education and a little help they can overcome their individual challenges and flourish.

Recognizing this passion and life mission, I began to get involved with many charities throughout the world. It was important to me to understand NGO and charity operations in order to one day help to operate one myself. My colleagues and I have built schools and community centers in South Africa and Nicaragua. These projects and second jobs fulfill my love of philanthropy, travel, empathy and enable me to enjoy the almost selfish fulfilment of giving.

Donna Gunn from Africa Promise Village, approached our organization and requested that we build a school for a project she has been working on for over ten years for the Maasai Tribe in Tanzania. A school consists of not only bricks and mortar but more importantly land, water, teachers, books, curriculum and community participation and ownership. Ms. Gunn had all the components except for the brick and mortar. This seemed to be an opportunity  too good to be true.

Last March, we travelled to Tanzania, verified the land, water source, community ownership  and began our design and development with a local architect/engineer. The Maasai people recognize the need to educate their youth because due to climate change, living only off the land is not feasible anymore.

“My son has been going to Dr. Mery for over a year.  I always appreciate how attentive the nurses are to him when checking him out before he is released after his shot.  This office is very clean and organized as well.”

Stephanie H.

“My whole family goes to Dr. Mery.  He has been a major factor in our family’s health and well-being.  Dr. Mery is compassionate and understanding.  He is determined to help those who come to see him and truly cares for his patients.”

Susan D.

“Hill Country Allergy has been a very good experience for me these last few weeks. A great team has been providing me with a thorough job of evaluating my allergy needs and implementing a specific plan to reach my specific goal of setting my allergies under control. All staff is efficient, courteous, and very knowledgeable of my specific concerns. I am very pleased with my current service.”

Sandra B.

“The staff at Hill Country Allergy & Asthma is nothing short of amazing. They greet you with a smile and they actually remember my name; you are not just another face. They are patient and take the time to explain things even if you ask them the same questions every other time you are there. The technicians providing the shots are extremely careful and service is usually quick due to the check in system they utilize. They are well organized, with excellent customer service.”

Ditrell B.

“Whenever Julie is the one who gives me my shot, I almost look forward to getting the shot. Her sunny disposition brightens my day. I did say that it almost makes me want to get a shot!”

Bob B.

“I have been very pleased with the great care I have received from Dr. Mery, as well as his entire staff. They are all great!”

Cindy M.

“I look forward to getting my allergy shots every month. The office staff is so friendly and professional. It is a very nice and relaxed atmosphere too.”

Maria B.

“Dr. Mery saved me! I struggled for months with a skin reaction that three other doctors were unable to get under control.  It was clear from the onset that Dr. Mery is truly invested in his patients as he spent so much time with me trying to understand my situation and helped me tremendously with my condition.  Dr. Mery and his staff genuinely care for their patients!”

Krista H.

“My son saw Dr. Mery years ago for his bad allergies.  He was tested, started shots and has been on shots for a couple of years now.  We cannot begin to express our gratitude to HCAA for helping our family.  Our son is completely different kid – he can now play on sports teams and enjoy playing outside with his buddies!  THANK YOU DR. MERY!”

Sandy H.